Arrival Time

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior for first appointment visits. In order to cut down on paperwork time, please download and complete our patient medical forms which can be found below. 


Southshore (Metairie) - parking can be located in the rear of the Coleman Center building with access off Teuton Street.  Please do not park in front of the building on Houma Blvd. or in the Alliance parking across Teuton Street.

Northshore (Mandeville) - parking can be located in the front of the Mandeville Private Physician Group, with access off Asbury Drive.

Therapy Atmosphere

Our boutique wellness clinics are private and relaxing environments for our clients,

Although not necessary, we recommend comfortable clothing to enhance the relaxation experience.  

Most importantly, come prepared to spend your time with us in an inviting, relaxing atmosphere... and leaving energized, ready to tackle the rest of the day!