Dr. Ricky Phillips, DNP

An Air Force veteran with over 20 years of health care experience, Dr. Phillips is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, who believes that optimal health and wellness involves much more than simply “a pill for every ill.” Because no two patients are alike, he takes a holistic approach to treatment with a focus on individualizing a health and wellness plan based upon each person’s goals and needs. The clinics’ many services help simplify your path to optimal health and wellness by looking for the underlying cause of an illness rather than merely treating a particular symptom or set of symptoms using the all to common “Band-Aid” approach. While Dr. Phillips is able to prescribe medications when necessary, he believes that treating the underlying cause of illness offers a more personal and permanent solution. He has written several health-related articles for and been interviewed by local magazines and has also appeared on the local news promoting the Paleo Diet.

He completed his Associate of Science in Nursing at Pensacola Community College, both Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner) at Loyola University New Orleans, his Doctor of  Nursing Practice at Chatham University, and his Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health. He additionally completed a fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine through the Metabolic Medical Institute.